Centre for Citizens Conserving Environment & Management


CECIC is a grassroot advocacy non-profit organization dedicated to influencing environmental policies to benefit the vulnerable. The organization was born out of the need to contribute to efforts to turn Africa’s environmental protection potential into reality and to ensure that the local people, mostly youth and women, benefit from this effort. Through lobbying, research, and community engagements, CECIC works with communities and leaders to ensure that natural resources are utilized in a way that promotes equitable development, environmental conservation, and respect for human rights.


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27 Sep

Omupiira 4 climate

On 18th September 2022, CECIC organized a football match […]

27 Sep

Women should to be sensitized on their environmental and land rights

women in Africa face legal and cultural barriers that […]

28 Feb

Women Just Want to have Full Equal Access to and Control Over Natural Resources 

It is well known that women worldwide contribute significantly […]