Centre for Citizens Conserving (CECIC) is a youth led community based and advocacy non-profit organization dedicated to influencing environmental policies to benefit the vulnerable. 

Based in Kasese, Uganda, the organization was born out of the need to contribute to efforts to turn Africa’s environmental protection potential into reality and to ensure that the local person mostly youth and women benefit from this effort.

 Through lobbying, research, and community education, CECIC works with communities and leaders to ensure that natural resources are utilized in a way that promotes equitable development, environmental conservation, and respect for human rights.

CECIC focuses on promoting the conservation of natural resource governance, climate change adaptations and livelihoods, and ecosystem management and restoration.


Climate Change
Climate change effects on the Environment 92%
Environmental Conservation
Environmnetal conservation project 15%
Renewable Energy
Transition to clean energy 26%
Women and Environment
Women and Environment related projects 29%